@KunoichiZ KunoichiZ released this May 30, 2017 · 71 commits to master since this release

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Please note: Do not update to the latest hourly at this time. The hourly builds are broken. This is not a bug with Luma Updater, please do not state that this a bug. Any issues posted on the issues page about this will be closed immediately and ignored as I see them.

As of this update, this has been submitted to TitleDB. It is the second Luma3DS Updater listed, with KunoichiZ / Hamcha listed as the author.

What's New:

  • Made writing to CTRNAND optional. To use it, select the option you want to install and when asked, press A+X to enable CTRNAND writing or B to disable CTRNAND writing (instructions will be on the bottom screen). Thanks to @Pirater12 for that.
  • Added restore CTRNAND boot.firm.bak. The text for this will be on the bottom screen when you select Restore backup and the top screen will not change. Thanks to @Pirater12 again.
  • Removed the extra commit character next to "Current installed version". Thanks to @gnmmarechal for that.
  • Changed the title ID to 00040000001deb00. Previously, it was 00040000001dea00. This change is to hopefully make it show up in TitleDB. You will have to delete the old version to use this version, otherwise, you'll have two versions of Luma Updater installed.

QR code:
QR code for v2.1.1