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Sorry for the lack of an update to the app recently. This is because of a couple of reasons:

  • I recently finished my summer classes and I was taking a break from doing anything for a bit.
  • I was having some issues with my build environment (everything but the .CIA was able to be built, bannertool was giving me issues). I finally, obviously, figured it out. Don't ask me how though.


  • Luma3DS v8.0+ is only to be used with boot9strap v1.2+. Please follow https://3ds.guide/updating-b9s to update to boot9strap v1.2+.
  • This will probably be the last update for Luma Updater for awhile. My fall semester of college classes has already started and I'm already feeling the homework pressure.

What's New:

  • Removed the latest hourly build text. Why? You can no longer install the latest hourly with the latest version of Luma Updater to the text is useless and therefore has been removed.
  • Changed the display text at the bottom of the top screen.
  • The following is credit to @chenzw95:
  • Block all updates from Luma3DS v7.1, which is only compatible with b9s v1.0/v1.1. This is to help with people updating to Luma3DS v8.0+ without updating b9s first.
  • Show error codes in hex, for consistency across apps.
  • Allow users to restore any backups if they have no internet connection.
  • Removed the path changer code because Luma3DS no longer uses it.

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