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If you're like us, you like to build applications without having to do the same things over and over again and dislike copy/pasting code and change a couple of words every time you need feature X. The KunstmaanGeneratorBundle gives you the possibility to generate code for new bundles, adminlists and can even make you a basic default website. That way you don't have to wait too long before you see some results and you have more time to do other things. Easy no?


This bundle is compatible with all Symfony 2.3.* releases. More information about installing can be found in this line by line walkthrough of installing Symfony and all our bundles, please refer to the Getting Started guide and enjoy the full blown experience.


Generate a Bundle :

app/console kuma:generate:bundle

Generate an Entity based on the KunstmaanAdminBundle's AbstractEntity

app/console kuma:generate:entity

Generate a KunstmaanAdminList for an Entity :

app/console kuma:generate:adminlist --entity=Bundle:Entity


Generate a default website using the Kunstmaan bundles :

app/console kuma:generate:default-site --namespace=Namespace\NamedBundle --prefix=tableprefix_

Search page

Generate a search page based on the KunstmaanNodeSearchBundle :

app/console kuma:generate:searchpage --namespace=Namespace\NamedBundle --prefix=tableprefix_

Article : Overview and detail pages

Generate an overview page with article pages. The overview page contains a paginated list of its articles. The articles are managed by AdminLists.

app/console kuma:generate:article --namespace=Namespace\NamedBundle --entity=Entity --prefix=tableprefix_


Generate a new custom page :

app/console kuma:generate:page --prefix=tableprefix_


Generate a new page part page based on the KunstmaanPagePartBundle :

app/console kuma:generate:pagepart --prefix=tableprefix_


You can find more detailed information about these commands here

Symfony 2.2

If you want to use this bundle for a Symfony 2.2 release, use the 2.2 branch.

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