This is a forked version of capifony, which makes it work with our server setup. Every command using try_sudo to run it as the admin_runner + some extra Symfony commands are added.
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This is a forked version of the original Capifony which makes it work with the server setup at Kunstmaan. You can install this using the gem install kCapifony command. The following things are changed:

  • Every command is using try_sudo in stead of the regular run command. This way we can define the admin_runner in the Capistrano deployment config and every Capifony command will be ran as this user.
  • Added some extra commands:
    • load:fixtures
    • schema:update
  • Changed the flow after deploy finalize update a bit.


  • SSH access to the server you are deploying to
  • Must have a working Ruby and RubyGems installed on your local machine

Installing Capifony

gem install kcapifony

Configuring your project

cd to/your/project/path
capifony .