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Speed up e-mail development with SCSS, integrated litmus testing, file hosting, translations and whatnot. Inspired by foundation-emails-template


Create a config.json file in the root of your project based on this template:

    "projectName": "projectName",
    "ftp": {
        "host": "",
        "user": "userName",
        "pass": "1234",
        "dest": "/path/on/server",
        "baseUrl": ""
    "litmus": {
      "username": "",
      "password": "1234",
      "url": "",
      "applications": ["ol2003","ol2007","ol2010","ol2011","ol2013","chromegmailnew","chromeyahoo","appmail9","iphone5s","ipad","android4","androidgmailapp"]
    "mail": {
      "to": [
      "from": "Company name <",
      "smtp": {
        "auth": {
          "user": "",
          "pass": "12345678"
        "host": "",
        "secureConnection": true,
        "port": 465

Available commands

npm run start

  • Compiles SCSS
  • Builds templates
  • Minifies images
  • Starts local development server
  • Runs watchers on SCSS and templates
  • Sets the image basepath to a local directory

npm run build

  • Compiles SCSS
  • Builds templates
  • Inlines css in html
  • Minifies images

By default the build task builds all translations, you can build a specific mail by running this task with a language flag, i.e.: npm run build -- --lang nl

npm run zip

  • Same as the build task but also creates a zip package of the html and images

npm run test

  • Compiles SCSS
  • Builds templates
  • Minifies images
  • Uploads images to specified ftp server
  • Sets the image base path to the specified ftp server
  • Sends a test of all mails to litmus

Again you can test a specific version by adding a language flag npm run test -- --lang nl

npm run mail

  • builds the mail
  • sends a test to a specified address in config.json

By default the mail task sends a test mail of all .html files in the dist folder, you can send a specific mail by running this task with a language flag, i.e.: npm run mail -- --lang nl


Orbit has the twigjs templating language built in, also the Inky templating language is available, more info: here


We love contributions! You can take a look at our Contribution Guide to get you started. If you're submitting a pull request, please follow the guidelines in the Submitting pull requests documentation.