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  • Add mailto task: sends an e-mail to a specified email address
  • Add flag to mail task for testing a specific language
  • Structure SCSS
  • Structure views
  • yeoman generator:
    • prompt basic config (project name, litmus, hosting, mailservice)
  • Strip classes from html (except the ones used in media queries), is this still necessary?
  • Use juice to inline css
  • Test with production e-mails
  • Implement Litmus api when it's available
  • Implement overview page (browser opens on this page when running the start task):
    • Links to all built emails
    • Design
    • ...
  • Open source?
    • Add contribution info
  • Basic email components
  • Verify config (check if config file exists and filled in correctly)
  • Dead link checker
  • Style default mail
  • Cleanup
  • Add coding standards documentation
  • Auto generate changelog