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@@ -12,15 +12,15 @@ Runloop was created to have more power, more control and less hassle than dealin
with jQuery .animate() callbacks. It hooks into jQuery's Effects Queue by design,
to avoid timing conflicts in the case of doing many multiple .animate() calls.
-[Full documentation](
+## [Full documentation](
+## [Demo](
### Known issues
Currently there are no known issues for the 1.0 release.
-jQuery (1.5 and below) has a bug in its .animate() step: method, which triggers
+jQuery (1.5 and below) has [a bug in its .animate() step: method](, which triggers
an error in IE8 and below. The 1.0 version, however, has sidestepped this by
using "top" instead of "z-index".

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