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Rules for contribution


Guidelines for articles:

  • Articles must have reputable sources, preferrably primary sources.
  • Statements must be backed up by sources
  • MLA-style citations.
  • No clear left or right wing bias. These articles are for coalition-building, not political and ideological opining and the like
  • Appeal to the greatest spectrum of Westerners abroad, regardless of their political background, or whatever
  • These articles are meant for the general public
  • You are encouraged to provide multiple sources for any claim
  • Use pullquotes to highlight sentences which are especially powerful

Articles go through this authoring process, linking to the Markdown file on GitHub so it can look nice without being published to website:

  • Rough draft: the writer has finished the content
  • Draft: the fact checkers provide and verify sources and facts.
  • Second Draft: the editors proofread/provide corrections, amend the document. The document is also shared to various circles for tihs same purpose.
  • Final draft: the writer (and possibly anyone interviewed) looks over the changes, signs off on them, possibly minimally amending the document one last time.
  • Publishing time!

Then articles go through this publishing process:

  • First linked to all Kurdish Struggle members to review
  • Linked to a broader, but private, set of pro-Kurdish communities
  • Linked to on our social media and promoted
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