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Doomsday Engine

Doomsday 1.15 Stable and older

  1. Add package to snowberry
  2. Select package in snowberry before starting game

Doomsday 2.0 Unstable and newer

Option A

  1. Place in doomsday runtime folder
  2. Select addon while in the doomsday game menu

Option B

  1. Place in your addons folder
  2. In Doomsday tell Doomsday where your addon folder is
  3. Select addon while in the doomsday game menu


ZDoom or GZDoom

  1. Place in your ZDoom or GZDoom folder
  2. Edit your zdoom-.ini or gzdoom-.ini with a text editor
  3. Scroll down to the [doom.Autoload] header and add the following line so that it looks like this:

The filename may need to be updated if a newer version of the texture pack comes out, but all hires textures will now be correctly loaded by the version of Doom/Doom2 being run. The issues of glitching animated textures like waterfalls and incorrect skies should now be resolved.

Do note that load order within a section is important if a section contains paths to other resource packs already and that resources lower on a section's list can overwrite resources earlier in the list if they are trying to modify the same thing.

That's all there is to it! Save the INI file and load up G/ZDoom to enjoy all of the high resolution textures available!