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import logging
import json
import os
class Settings:
Storage class for application settings
_instance = None
# Static variables that are not user-changeable
# Osu beatmap lookup URL ({0} will be replaced with the beatmap id)
# Bloodcat beatmap search URL ({0} will be replaced with the beatmap id)
BLOODCAT_SEARCH_URL = "{0}&c=b&s=&m="
# Dynamic settings loading from file
def __init__(self):
self.log = logging.getLogger(__name__)
self.default_settings = {
'osu_api_key': "",
'download_from_api': 0,
'default_loadfrom': 0,
'default_osudb': "",
'default_songs_folder': "",
'default_collectiondb': "",
'show_shutdown_dialog': True,
'show_api_explanation_dialog': True,
'show_collection_delete_dialog': True,
'show_remove_song_dialog': True,
'show_remove_mapset_dialog': True,
needs_save = False
if os.path.exists('settings.json'):
with open('settings.json', 'r', encoding='utf8') as f:
self.settings = json.load(f)
self.settings = {}
needs_save = True
# Check if any default settings are missing and set them.
for key, value in self.default_settings.items():
if key not in self.settings.keys():
self.settings[key] = value
needs_save = True
if needs_save:
with open('settings.json', 'w', encoding='utf8') as f:
json.dump(self.settings, f, sort_keys=True, indent=4)
def get_setting(self, name, default=None):
res = self.settings.get(name, default)
self.log.debug("Getting setting {}: {}".format(name, res))
return res
def set_setting(self, name, value):
self.log.debug("Setting setting {} to {}".format(name, value))
self.settings[name] = value
def remove_setting(self, name):
if name in self.settings.keys():
self.log.debug("Removing setting {}".format(name))
del self.settings[name]
self.log.debug("Could not remove setting {}, it does not exist".format(name))
def get_instance(cls):
:return: Settings instance
:rtype: Settings
if not cls._instance:
cls._instance = cls()
return cls._instance
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