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@KuromeSan KuromeSan released this Aug 30, 2019 · 7 commits to master since this release

-- Chovy-GayMaker --

If you want to do PS Vita development in GM in a acturally stable not rediculous way
or want to use GMstudio, use GayMaker
if you want to do PSP development or just like GameMaker 8.1 and like extremely experimental software, then continue reading :D

Run it, select a GameMaker 8.1, 8 or 7 StandAlone Executable file and press "BUILD ISO"
ISO's created are compatible with real PSP and PSVita via chovy-sign

Mouse is controlled by the analog stick, controls are mapped to keyboard or mouse button constants

this is the first (and only time) of GameMaker 8.1 to be on a console
and it really is GameMaker 8.1 seriously. you can even use execute_string!

NOTE: this GameMaker Runner was an EXTREMELY EXPERIMENTAL BUILD at YoYoGames.
It was never released to the general public and only 2 games where ever released using it,
GreenTechPlus and Karoshi. chovy-gm is using Karoshi's runner as it is newer

"nik" - usable GameMaker Asset Compiler decompiled source code
SilicaAndPina - Patching GMAC to work on PSP
dots_tb - PSM-KUN Artwork
YoYoGames - The PSP runner
Karoshi Development Team - Convincing YoYoGames to port your game to psp so we can hack it

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