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#ChovyProject Created by the CBPS Team!


you need a "base" psp game, petz saddle club, locoroco midnight carnival, or ape quest starter pack all work some games dont work properly (where working on it). just try another if this happens.

as well as "the clone issue" basically games made with this are "clones" of the original "base game" so if u delete any of them it acturlaly deletes the license.rif which breaks all the other "clones", this can be fixed by re-downloading the base game off of the PSN or copying any "clone" over to your psvita again.

create playable PSP ISO bubbles on your PSVita

had to go public early due to qwikrazor.. thank him later..

PSP PIRACY on 3.72 (though, WE DONT CONDONE PIRACY plz ONLY use it for games u acturaly own the UMD for) its purely for BACKUPS xD also, lots of shittily dumped iso's online, however iso's obtained by the NPS Browser should work fine. if you want to dump your own ISO's use UMD Dumper or something that isnt ftp-ing over all the files and building it into an ISO with UMDgen or some other tool

@dots-tb (__sce_ebootpbp signing)
SilicaAndPina(me) Developing GUI and re-finding the psp bubbles method and adapting Motoharu (For helping dots with __sce_ebootpbp)

Other indirect help:
@swarzesherz for sign_np
tpunix for kirk_engine libaries.
@yifanlu and xyz for psvimgtools ..

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