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Web based calculator for marble run events.
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##Cloud 9 Ranch Marble Run Calculator The marble run is an event held by numerous clubs and organizations, similar to a poker run.

Each participant receives a score card and travels along the designated route via automobile, ATV, cycle, or by foot and stops at designated areas. At these areas, a colored marble is drawn from a bag, that color is recorded on the scorecard, and the participant continues.

In the current implementation, the values are chosen at random from a known set. This is the desired behavior; however, this can easily be altered to allow any random number between a minimum and maximum values. In fact, this functionality exists in this code, but is commented out in the randomize() function.

Also of note, all of the html, css, and javascript are contained in the *index.html* file. Realistically, these should be split up; however, this was done specifically for easy packaging for the client's use case.

##Licensing The MIT License (MIT). See LICENSE.txt.

##Calculator Use The web page can be viewed here: Mable Run Calculator.

The source code is also available on the gh-pages branch.

Tested on: * Google Chrome Version 45 * Internet Explorer Version 11 * Mozilla Firevox Version 41

*No guarantees are made for compatibility with other or older browsers.*

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