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Warning #######

This is a Work In Progress! There are no warrantees or Guarantees of any type that this code is useable for anything. But I hope it is…

The CommanderEx sketch in this directory is forked from the official Commander sketch by Mike Ferguson. You can find the Official commander sources up at https://github.com/vanadiumlabs/arbotix/tree/master/Commander

Differences from Official

The original main difference I made in the sources was to change the range of values that is returned by the Joysticks. In the Original, the range was restricted to about +-102. As I understood it, the main reason for limiting these values was to not allow multiple hex values of 0xff to be output in the packet. Having two 0xff bytes in a row was a way to detect the start of a packet.

This version, limits the values to more or less -127 - 126. In addition this version averages the last 8 values read in for the joysticks as to do a little smoothing.

Additional Features

There are a few other recent changes to the code that add a few extra features, most of them can be removed by commenting out #defines in the sketch.

Optional Initialize XBee

After seeing several people with issues where their XBees came unpaired and still communicating at 9600 baud, I decided I would try to detect this in the code and configure the XBee. Currently the detection is pretty simple. I try to enter into command mode +++ at our default baud rate of 38400, if this fails, I then try at 9600. If this succeeds, I assume a virgin XBee and I reconfigure it to 38400 and set the MY and DL and network values. The values I use are in defines that can be changed.

#define DEFAULT_MY 0x102  // Swap My/DL on 2nd unit
#define DEFAULT_DL 0x101
#define DEFAULT_ID 0x3332

The Init code also sets the guard time on the XBee to a very short period (10ms), so that I now first try to talk to the XBee using this timeout. This has removed the need to write stuff out to the EEPROM, which my previous version did. LAs such I no longer need the L1 button test to bypass the bypass...

Note: Soon I will also introduce the same code in my Phantom_Phoenix project to properly configure the XBee on the actual robot as well.

Optional Map to the Original Values

I added optional code that if you hold down the R6 button at startup, the values returned by the joysticks, will be back in the +-102 range. I did this so, I can experiment going back and forth between my Phantom_Phoenix code base and the Nuke code base.

Debug Support

This has always been there, but there is optional debug support built in the code base that if you hold down the RT and LT buttons at startup time, the program will enter into debug mode. In this mode instead of outputting normal packets, it will print out a text version of the packet. Recently changed the output of the Joysticks from the 0-254 range to print out a signed value of the byte minus 128 as to match how the values are used in the Commander library.