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Simple, animated JavaScript tablesorter using Isotope
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Simple, animated JavaScript table sorting with support for numbers, fields, currency, and percents. Based on Isotope.

Download isortope-min.js


View a live demo here.



Load jQuery and Isotope before loading isortope.

<script src='jquery.js' />
<script src='jquery.isotope.js' />
<script src='isortope.js' />

Initializing isortope

There are two ways to initialize isortope:

You can add the class isortope to any HTML table:

<table class='isortope'>

Or, you can call .isortope() on any jQuery-selected table. This can be useful if loading over AJAX:



By default, Isortope will monitor your table for any changes to cells. You can disable this behavior either via HTML attributes, or on initialization via Javascript.

By HTML attributes:

  • data-isortope-autoresort: if false, disable auto re-sorting when input or cell contents change
  • data-isortope-autoresort-input: if false, disable monitoring input changes
  • data-isortope-autoresort-content: if false, disable monitoring HTML content changes

HTML Example:

<table class='isortope' data-isortope-autoresort='false'>

By JavaScript on initialization:

  • autoResort: if false, disable auto re-sorting when input or cell contents change
  • autoResortInput: if false, disable monitoring input changes
  • autoResortContent: if false, disable monitoring HTML content changes

JavaScript example:

  $('table#my-table').isortope({autoResort: false});

Additionally, you can disable sorting on specific columns by setting the attribute data-sort-type to 'none' on the th element. Example:

      <th>Sortable Column</th>
      <th data-sort-type='none'>Non-sortable Column</th>


To enable animations, add the Isotope animation styles to your stylesheet:

.isotope .isotope-item {
  /* change duration value to whatever you like */
  -webkit-transition-duration: 0.8s;
     -moz-transition-duration: 0.8s;
      -ms-transition-duration: 0.8s;
       -o-transition-duration: 0.8s;
          transition-duration: 0.8s;

.isotope {
  -webkit-transition-property: height, width;
     -moz-transition-property: height, width;
      -ms-transition-property: height, width;
       -o-transition-property: height, width;
          transition-property: height, width;

.isotope .isotope-item {
  -webkit-transition-property: -webkit-transform, opacity;
     -moz-transition-property:    -moz-transform, opacity;
      -ms-transition-property:     -ms-transform, opacity;
       -o-transition-property:      -o-transform, opacity;
          transition-property:         transform, opacity;

/**** disabling Isotope CSS3 transitions ****/, .isotope-item,
.isotope {
  -webkit-transition-duration: 0s;
     -moz-transition-duration: 0s;
      -ms-transition-duration: 0s;
       -o-transition-duration: 0s;
          transition-duration: 0s;


isortope fires events after initialization and when sorting. You can hook into these events with jQuery:

  $('table.isortope').on('sort', function() {...});

  $('table.isortope').on('initialized', function() {...});

Manual Re-sorting

You can trigger a manual resort by passing 'resort' to isotope:



  • v.1.2
    • adding re-sort capability
    • minor refactoring
  • v.1.1
    • auto re-sort when table data changes
    • bug fixes
  • v.1.0
    • public release
    • supports numbers, percents, currency, and form inputs
    • simple demo.html
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