openFrameworks project (+ 2 modified addons). Draw a space shooter video game through etherdream/ilda laser beamer.
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openFrameworks project. Draw a space shooter video game through etherdream/ilda laser beamer.

(+ 3 modified addons)
ofxIldaKush : + allows to draw objects with different quality/point spacing. Allows trapeze distortion, rotation.
ofxGamepadKush : + sends controller ID in the callback function.
ofxEtherDreamKush : + allows to connect via IP address string.

Draw as many players as there are xBox controllers plugged.
The players who survive more than 30 seconds is the winner.
Invulnerability & LSD bonuses spawn every 30s.

Player controls

  • left stick X axis : rotate
  • A button : Fire
  • right trigger : accelerate
  • left trigger : brake

Level editor

  • "j" : switch play/edit modes (0:play 1: places boxes 2: places spawn points)
  • A button : places new object
  • B button : removes selected object
  • left stick : moves selected object
  • right stick : scales selected object
  • right trigger : rotate selected object
  • right/left bumper : select another object

Laser configuration

  • zqsd : scale

  • arrows : position

  • e/E : rotate

  • o/O/p/P : trapeze

  • see more in testApp.cpp

  • k : save level & config to file (data.dat, will then load the new config when the program starts again)