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High Performance Kotlin Native Web Framework based on Lwan
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Kwang is a thin Kotlin/Native wrapper around high-performance, low-overhead web server(s). It is in experimental state, supporting Lwan partially. It may have libh2o backend in the future.

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Cloning the repo with submodule(s)

git clone --recurse-submodules
cd kwang

You can import it with IntelliJ IDEA

Building Lwan

cmake, zlib, and libbsd should be installed before building.

  • Arch Linux: pacman -S cmake zlib libbsd
  • Ubuntu: apt-get update && apt-get install git cmake zlib1g-dev pkg-config libbsd-dev
  • I have not tried to build it on other operating systems

If you want more customization, see lwan#Building.


Open SampleLinux.kt

class SampleHandler : KwangHandler("/") {
    override fun handleGet(request: RequestContext, response: ResponseContext): StatusCode {
        println("Auth: ${request.authorization}")
        println("Origin:" + request.getHeader("Origin"))
        response withHeaders listOf(
            Header("meaning-of-life", "42"),
            Header("looking-for", "job")
        ) plain ("123")
        return StatusCode(200u)

class OtherSample : KwangHandler("/hello") {
    override fun handleGet(request: RequestContext, response: ResponseContext): StatusCode {
        response json ("""{"hello":"${request.getQuery("name")}"}""")
        return StatusCode(200u)

fun main(args: Array<String>) {
    ServerLwan(listOf(SampleHandler(), OtherSample()), LwanConfig("localhost:8081"))

Running the sample

gradle runProgram (no colorful output) or gradle build (test will fail at the moment, just ignore it and run build/bin/linux/main/release/executable/kwang.kexe)

The server will start on localhost:8081

Building klib

The library is very EXPERIMENTAL and likely to change significantly, using it in production code is NOT RECOMMENDED. But yes, you can build the klib (check gradle linuxKlibrary)

Supported operating system



  • Server configuration (port, ..)
  • CORS support (partially)
  • Logging
  • H2O backend (because Lwan does not support HTTP/2)
  • Finish the wrapper
  • Optimize performance
  • EventBus
  • WebSocket
  • Path params / Full-featured router


TODO In case you want benchmarking Kwang, you should consider compile lwan in release mode and pass -opt to konanc With autocannon -c 100 -d 40 -p 10 localhost:8080, Kwang reached around 80k reqs/sec on a MSI GE72VR laptop


Feel free to submit issues and enhancement requests. This is a low priority side-project to me, so there is no ETA/promise, but PRs are welcomed.

Why? JVM framework like Vert.X/Ktor/Spring + GraalVM makes more sense


Can you change the name, it looks weird

I am not in the mood of choosing bike shed's name. Moreover, it is not that weird you racist people! Kwang in Korean

Known issue

For current Kotlin/Native version (1.3.0), it will not compile due to linker issue (please clone Kotlin/Native from github or wait for the next release)

(Kudos to Kotlin/Native team)

Use latest Kotlin/Native compiler
git clone --depth 1 -b master
cd kotlin-native
./gradlew dependencies:update
./gradlew bundle
cp -R dist/* ~/.konan/kotlin-native-linux-[ver]

or you can set konan.home project property


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