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Repository for the script A Linux script used for obtaining useful information from the BWF website (

Examples of usage:


Search by country is not very polished. Searching by country is different for singles and doubles:

For men's and women's SINGLES search using COUNTRY CODE IS NOT SUPPORTED. Use full country name.

For DOUBLES (md, wd, xd) search using FULL COUNTRY NAME IS NOT SUPPORTED. Use custom country codes by the BWF.


./ r displays the top 69 players in the men's singles category on the leaderboards

./ ranking this will do the same as the example above

./ -c wd r displays the top 69 duos in the women's doubles category on the leaderboards

./ -c ws -n 123 r displays the top 123 players in the women's singles category on the leaderboards

./ -s 'My Name' r searches for a player named 'My Name' in the top 69 positions

./ -s 'My Name' -n 300 r searches for a player named 'My Name' in the top 300 positions

./ -s '291' r searches for the player with rank number 291

./ -s '222' -c xd r searches for the duo with rank number 222 in mixed doubles category

./ -s 'japan' r searches the top 69 postitions of the leaderboard in men's singles for players from Japan

./ -s 'usa' -c md -n 200 r searches the top 200 positions in men's doubles for players from the US

./ -d 'last Wednesday' r shows the top 69 players in the men's singles category for last Wednesday

./ -d '20180415' -c md r shows the top 69 duos in men's doubles for the week of 2018 April 15


./ t shows all upcoming tournaments up until the end of the current year

./ -d '20180516' t shows all tournaments from the week of 2018 May 16 until the end of 2018

./ -f -d '20190201' t shows all completed tournaments from the week of 2019 February 01 up until the current week

./ -s 'total bwf' -d '20180101' t searches for all tournaments of 2018 which have "total bwf" in their name in this case the result is

                                      Week    Date    Name of tournament
                                      20      20-27   TOTAL BWF Thomas & Uber Cup Finals 2018
                                      31      30-05   TOTAL BWF World Championships 2018

./ -s '20180701' t shows all tournaments that took place during the week containing the date 2018 July 01

./ -d '20190301' t this will only show upcoming tournaments. To see all tournaments from March until now, use option -a

./ -d '20190301' -a t shows all completed tournaments since 2019 March 01 and upcoming tournaments (until the end of 2019)

./ -h displays the following help:

Usage:[options]...[COMMAND] retrieves this week's BWF ranking or upcoming tournaments


'r' or 'ranking' show this week's top 69 players


    -c CATEGORY             show ranking for given category
    CATEGORY format:        "ms" or "men's singles"
                            "ws" or "women's singles"
                            "md" or "men's doubles"
                            "wd" or "women's doubles"
                            "xd" or "mixed doubles"

    -d 'DATE STRING'        show ranking of the week given by DATE STRING
                            DATE STRING format is the same as the one used in
                            'date' command

    -n NUMBER               show the top NUMBER players

    -s 'SEARCH STRING'      search the leaderboard using 'SEARCH STRING'
                            can search by player name, rank or country

't' or 'tournaments' show this year's upcoming tournaments


    -f                      show only completed tournaments

    -a                      show both completed and upcoming tournaments

    -d 'DATE STRING'        show all tournaments from DATE STRING
                            until the end of that year

    -s 'SEARCH STRING'      show tournaments which have SEARCH STRING
                            in their name (ignores case)
                            SEARCH STRING can be in DATE STRING format.
                            In this case it will search for tournaments
                            which took place (or will take place)
                            during the week given in SEARCH STRING

Other non-COMMAND related options:

    -v                      display debug output

    -h                      display this help and exit
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