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Doom for the VIC-20

This is a "port" of iD software's Doom, for the fully expanded Commodore VIC-20. It's a mixture of C and 6502 assembly. C is compiled with the cc65 compiler, which you can find on github.


  • cut down versions of shareware Doom's levels, minus the secret level
  • sergeants, demons, imps and cacodemons, with AI code cut down from the Doom source
  • fist, chainsaw, pistol, shotgun, chaingun
  • health, ammo, keys, weapons, security and combat armor
  • corpses
  • exploding barrels
  • secrets
  • 11 music tracks, converted from the original Doom midi files
  • 20 sound effects, converted from the original Doom PC speaker sounds
  • cheat codes
  • panning and zooming map
  • intermission and victory screens
  • arbitrarily angled textured walls