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A comprehensive system for managing expenses.

License: 3-clause BSD. (But please don’t use expbase.html as-is, it contains copyrighted CSS assets.)


  • Management of expenses
  • Management of bills — expenses with multiple items, complete with an advanced interactive editor
  • Reasonable appearance on Desktop and Mobile
  • Autocomplete for expenses and bill items
  • Templates for expenses (with multiplication and custom description)
  • i18n (Polish translation)
  • Searching and filtering data
  • A synchronization API, perfect for mobile apps (one of which is in the making)
  • Reporting

To do

  • Exporting reports to spreadsheet-friendly formats (CSV? XLSX?)
  • Monthly goals
  • More?


You should do the following changes to

  • Add 'expenses' and 'oauth2_provider' to INSTALLED_APPS
  • Add 'oauth2_provider.middleware.OAuth2TokenMiddleware' to MIDDLEWARE after SessionMiddleware
  • If you’re me, add 'django.middleware.locale.LocaleMiddleware', 'expenses.middleware.ForcePolishLanguageMiddleware' to MIDDLEWARE as well (before CommonMiddleware and after S

and also set the following options:

  • EXPENSES_PAGE_SIZE — number of items on one page
  • EXPENSES_INDEX_COUNT — number of expenses to display on the dashboard
  • EXPENSES_CURRENCY_CODE — currency code, eg. PLN
  • EXPENSES_CURRENCY_LOCALE — currency locale, eg. pl_PL
  • EXPENSES_CSV_DELIMITER — delimiter for fields in CSV reports, eg. , or ; or \t

The following MESSAGE_TAGS is recommended for the default templates:

from django.contrib.messages import constants as messages
    messages.ERROR: 'danger',
    messages.DEBUG: 'secondary'

If you intend to use the API, OAuth applications can be set up at /_oauth/applications/. (If you don’t, the endpoints won’t do anything without it.)

base template

Expenses expects you to have a base.html template in your template root. A sample file that should work is provided as base.html.sample in the repository. If this doesn’t suit you, you can modify expbase.html (and possibly make it independent).