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Appendix C. Changelog

Info:This is the changelog for PKGBUILDer.
Author: Kwpolska <>
Copyright: © 2011-2012, Kwpolska.
License:BSD (see /LICENSE or :doc:`Appendix B <LICENSE>`.)
Date: 2012-10-06

Versioning scheme

PKGBUILDer uses the following versioning scheme:

  • generation: 1 is the first Perl version, 2 is the Python version.
  • major: basic release number.
  • minor: sub-release number.
  • revision: changes that aren’t important enough to be new minor versions.

Generation 2

More tiny bugfixes.

A release including the sample scripts, among other stuff. This is a release which now has all the functionality I want it to have. And it’s time to move onto a new project, the aurqt interface for the AUR. Or maybe something else?

Quite a lot of changes.

Fixes some bugs.

The mature release, including downrades, excluding mess.

Bug fixes, thanks to fosskers (from aura, another AUR helper).

Dropped the useless msgcodes, which made no sense at all.

pb wrapper!

depcheck ignores empty deps now.

little, unimportant fixes, for docs and locale and whatnot.


Now divided into modules.

Bugfix release, final release of 2.1.2 series.

Test suite introduced. (unittests, nosetests were used in the very beginning)

The big changes begin. Introducing requests.

Tiny, unimportant bugfixes.

Somehow, my version numbering broke, and after .5 we got .26. There was something wrong with the thing, so I upped it to be 26. It was, of course, supposed to go further and the 2 came over from the minor version. Crazy.

Support for the new pyalpm.

Fixed the license.

Some little changes.

Fixed AUR dep detection. (not released into git.)

Some fixes for locale support.

Locale support!

Little changes and refinements.


First OOP-based release. Including: -Syu, BSD License, own AUR class, documentation, module usage-friendliness.


A prerelease build of 2.1.0. This one still works with the AUR class by Xyne.


First release.

Generation 1

1.1:A more advanced version, never released publicly, and I do not even have any backups. Nobody cares anyways.
1.0:First and only release.
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