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Author: Kwpolska
Copyright: © 2011-2012, Kwpolska.
License: BSD (see /LICENSE or :doc:`Appendix B <LICENSE>`.)
Date: 2012-10-06
PBWrapper Version: 0.1.4

This is the wrapper for pacman and PKGBUILDer, bin/pb. It is a complete mess, but at least it works. All the arguments it gets are passed to pacman, unless the operation is -S. Then, an additional check is made.

For -S and -Si requests, the packages are checked, one by one, if they are in the AUR. If one is, pkgbuilder -Si is requested. If not, all error handling is left to pacman.

For -Ss and -Syu requests, they are passed to both managers, complete with additional arguments applicable to one or another.


Actually, pkgbuilder isn’t called as a subprocess, the arguments are just passed to the main() function, so no time is wasted on reloading everything.

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