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Kx Analyst Training

Getting Kx Analyst & Kx Developer

Kx Developer can be downloaded from the Developer getting started page. Kx Analyst can be accessed following the instructions on the the Analyst getting started page.

Once downloaded, extract the tool and install it following the instructions provided in the file included.

Getting this repository

This repository can be cloned directly into Kx Analyst or Kx Developer. Right-click the workspace area on the left of the page and select Git > Clone.... In the dialog, enter the URL for the training repository Pressing OK will open the Pull Repository dialog with the option to select a name and branch for the repository. Press OK to finish cloning the repository.


The training module is separated into two parts. Section A contains a tutorial and walkthrough of this tool using some simulated data. The walkthrough can be found under in the file under A.Tutorial.Doc. A guided version of the walkthrough is also available on

└── training
    └── A.Tutorial.Doc

Section B focuses on more specific features of this tool. To find out more about any particular component within this tool, look at the section of interest under the desired module B.Section.<Component>.


For more resources, please refer to the following links.

Kx Analyst

Visual Data Transformer and Query



Kx Developer




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