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embedR: Embedding R inside q

See Kx wiki



Download the appropriate release archive from releases page.

Unpack and install content of the archive

environment action
Linux tar xzvf embedr_linux-v*.tar.gz -C $QHOME --strip 1
macOS tar xzvf embedr_osx-v*.tar.gz -C $QHOME --strip 1
Windows Open the archive and copy content of the embedr folder (embedr\*) to %QHOME% or c:\q
Copy R_HOME/x64/.dll or R_HOME/i386/.dll to QHOME/w64 or QHOME/w32 respectively.

Calling R

When calling R, you need to set R_HOME. Required are:

# Linux/macOS
export R_HOME=`R RHOME`
# Windows
for /f "delims=" %a in ('R RHOME') do @set R_HOME=%a

The library has four main methods:

  • Ropen: Initialise embedded R. Optional to call. Allows to set verbose mode as Ropen 1.
  • Rcmd: run an R command, do not return a result
  • Rget: run an R command, return the result to q
  • Rset: set a variable in the R memory space

Interactive plotting

If using interactive plotting with lattice and/or ggplot2 you will need to call print on chart object.


See examples folder.

Note: Examples are kdb+ 3.5 or higher.

Example 1.

e4.q is a simple example of plot 'moving window volatility' of returns. Converted from

Example 2.

pcd.q is based on Corporate credit card transactions 2014-15.

Please download csv file from the link above and place it in the same folder as pcd.q under name pcd2014v1.csv.

Example 3.

Left for the reader :)

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