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K vak(I,const S,va_list)
K vaknk(I,va_list)

where va_list is defined in stdarg.h, included by k.h. These arrived in v3.4 2016.01.19 (and c libs after that date).

These are va_list versions of the K k(I,const S,...) and K knk(I,...) functions, useful for writing variadic utility functions that can forward the K objects, as in
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l32 release 2018.10.05 Oct 5, 2018
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m32 release 2018.10.05 Oct 5, 2018
s32 auto checkin Aug 1, 2013
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a2.csv auto checkin May 31, 2016
ad.k auto checkin Apr 25, 2016
bell.q auto checkin Jan 13, 2010
holiday.q auto checkin Oct 29, 2007
nav.q auto checkin Apr 20, 2012
puz.k auto checkin Aug 1, 2016
s.k auto checkin Jan 15, 2014
sp.s auto checkin Mar 30, 2009
stat.q auto checkin Aug 22, 2016
state.q auto checkin Jun 27, 2011
sudoku.k auto checkin Feb 2, 2015
tq.q auto checkin Apr 25, 2016
trade.q No commit message Nov 25, 2005
tree.q auto checkin Feb 3, 2010
z.q auto checkin Feb 22, 2007


q is a general purpose rdbms(kdb+) and programming language.

OLTP from 1 to 10 million records per second per cpu.
OLAP from 1 to 100 million records per second per cpu.

c	clients (c java .net)
d	documentation
e	examples

sample database scripts
sp.q	supplier/part
trade.q	trade

financial apps built with q
tick	tickerplant (1 million transactions per second)
taq	loader for 100+ billion us equity trades and quotes
tow	replay (1 to 10 million transactions per second)

o/s specific binaries
l64	64bit linux
s64	64bit solaris/sparc
v64	64bit solaris/amd
w64	64bit windows
m64	64bit macintosh

l32	32bit linux
s32	32bit solaris
w32	32bit windows

You are welcome to download and use this code according to the terms of the licence. 

Kx Systems recommends you do not link your application to this repository, 
which would expose your application to various risks:

- This is not a high-availability hosting service
- Updates to the repo may break your application 
- Code refactoring might return 404s to your application

Instead, download code and subject it to the version control and regression testing 
you use for your application.
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