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Find file Copy path
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\d .odbc / h:open{`userdsn[`usr`pwd]|`*.{dsn|mdb|mdf|syb}|""|"DRIVER=...;DBQ=..."}
h:();`open1`close1`eval1`fkeys1`keys`tables`views{.odbc[x]:`odbc 2:(`$(-"1"=*|$x)_$x;y)}'2 1 3 2 2 1 1;
d:`$":",$["Windows_NT"~getenv`OS;getenv[`commonprogramfiles],"/odbc/data sources";"/etc/ODBCDataSources"]
o:`mdb`mdf!("driver=Microsoft Access Driver (*.mdb);dbq="
"driver=sql server;server=(local);trusted_connection=yes;database=")
open:{$[~@x;[s:last x;x:*x];s:0];if[~r:@[open1[;s];$[0<@x;x;1=#p:`\:x;x;`dsn~a:*|p;";"/:1_0:$[@!f:`$":",$x;f;`/:d,x];o[a],-4_$x];{e::x;0}];'e];*|h,:r}
close:{if[~x in h;'`invalid];h_:h?x;close1 x}
eval:{$[1=#x;s:0;[s:last x;x:*x]];if[~x in h;'`invalid];$[@t:eval1[x;;s]y;+@[t;f@&{&/x="d"$x}'t f@:&15h=@:'t f:!t:+t;"d"$];t]} / datetime->date
fkeys:{$[#y:fkeys1[x]y;y[;&~x in t@&=':t:x@<x:y 1];y]} / singleton fkeys
fkey:{[f;p;t](f;p)[;&(~t=p)&f in g@&~(_g:!+0!. t)in`id`name]}
xfkey:{.Q.ft[{@[y;*x;{@[y$;x;x]};x 1]}[x]]y}
skey:{$[@k:keys[x]y;k*(#+t)>k:#k;0+(x~?x:*+t)&0<#t]! eval[x]"select * from ",q,t,q:(" "in t:$y)#"\""}
load:{$[#*f:fkeys[x]'t;f;fkey[k[i;0];u i:&1=#:'k:.q.keys'u]'u]xfkey'('t).[;();:;]'skey[x]'t:tables x:open x;close x;}
\d .
\p 80
\t .odbc.load`northwind
"exec proc"
"create proc .."
10MB per sec.
need to be superuser
you will need at least version 2.2.10 but even this one doesn't support
unnamed datasource (kdb+ file DSN)
[CC=gcc] ./configure --prefix=/usr --sysconfdir=/etc --libdir=/usr/lib
make install
make an entry for each driver that you have in /etc/odbcinst.ini. if you
have 64bit driver use also "Driver64"
mysql ex:
Driver = /usr/lib/
Driver64 =
make an entry for each datasource either in /etc/odbc.ini, either in
~/.odbc.ini but for the driver use the symbolic name declared in
mysql ex:
Driver = MySQL
Description = assets
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