@sashkab sashkab released this Feb 11, 2019 · 1 commit to master since this release

Deprecations and removals:

  • Delete documentation -- PyQ's documentation available at code.kx.com.
  • Deprecate py2 - Python 2.7 support will end in December 2019. Future versions of PyQ will not support Python 2.7. PyQ 4.2.x will be latest series to support Python 2.7 and will receive bug-fixes until end of December 2019.


  • Implemented K.dict and K.table constructors.
  • #985 Integration of embedPy #30
  • Convert objects supporting new buffer protocol to K
  • Implemented K._knt to call the new knt(J,K) function from k.h.
  • Pass command line arguments after -- directly to q.
  • More command-line arguments to be recognized by pyq executable
  • Support Python 3.7 #80

Bug fixes:

  • K._F accelerator should accept None entries
  • Fixed LGTM alerts
  • Use correct ANSI C header errno.h
  • K(None).null must be 1b
  • Simplify executable path lookup on Linux
  • Use sysconfig instead distutils.sysconfig in setup.py
  • Remove GC support for K iterators
  • Fixed numpy warnings in tests
  • Check that python lib exists
  • Block .data on t=0 k lists
  • Fixed clang warnings.
  • Convert 0N to NaT

Tests and CI:

  • Use taskset in the run_q.sh script.
  • Run pyq executable tests under valgrind
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