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This is the GitHub repo that hosts my personal site:

With a name like "Ky-Cuong", I simply had to find a different moniker, and settled on KyCode.


To play around with a copy of the site:

git clone



All rights are reserved for content in _posts. Contact me me if a need arises for them that falls outside of fair use. In essence, you're free to quote a post (with attribution), but not copy it wholesale and/or use it as the basis for your own. Exception: all code in any posts is under the terms of the MIT License, unless otherwise noted. This is meant to make it easy for people to use code snippets in practice and production without worry.

All content in images is under the terms of the CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 license, unless otherwise noted. This is meant to make it easy for you to share screenshots included in posts, while keeping them free for others to view, as well use/share/adapt under the same terms.

All content outside of those folders is under the MIT License. This gives anyone freedom to do as they will with the site's components, so long as attribution is maintained by including the original license, with copyright notices.

This site began as a derivation of the Jekyll-Now example made by Barry Clark and uses the Type Theme.