2D scatter plot using JavaFX
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2D scatter plot using JavaFX

A simple Java class for visualizing 2D scatter plots using only JavaFX without using any third-party libraries or components. 

The class allows setting up the labels of the x-axis and y-axis, the title of the scatter plot, the range of the x-axis, and the range of the y-axis. If the user does not set any of these values, defaults are used. After this, making the scatter plot is conveniently calling the method:

plot(double[] x, double[] y, int[] groups)

where x and y are the data points, and groups correspond to the group or cluster of each data point. On the plot, the data points corresponding to the same group are drawn with the same color. Different groups have different colors.


Copyright (C) 2017 Kyaw Kyaw Htike @ Ali Abdul Ghafur. All rights reserved.

Dr. Kyaw Kyaw Htike @ Ali Abdul Ghafur