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Flick React App


Check it out here.

The idea behind Flick is that users can tell us which apps they currently use to watch movies and TV series and we return a random collection of titles available on those apps and within the boundaries of their preferences.

Flick will initially be launched as a native app, I am currently reviewing the work of another developer who is building this in React Native.

Cypress TDD

Despite this being just a simple demonstration, I wanted to build the app using TDD. Having been introduced to Cypress recently, I was keen to start using it in my development workflow. I've since completed this course and integrated some tests into this demonstration to help embed these new skills.

Through building my own tests in this demonstration, I have learned how to:

  • Use Cypress' built in functions to create tests
  • Use DOM queries to select elements and test their state
  • Use functions like beforeEach and write custom commands to reduce repeated code in my tests
  • Use stubs to simulate E2E testing and provide reliable, easy to test responses

Check out this repository for more on what I've learned about Cypress.