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KyivHaskell Logo

Kyiv Haskell User Group

The Kyiv Haskell Users Group is for all programmers either interested in or experienced with the Haskell programming language. We want to build a community of Haskell developers in the Kyiv that can share knowledge, projects, and experience.

We are a subpart of kyivlambda community, which has goal to generally foster and encourage functional programming in Kyiv, in all functional languages, all settings, and all industries.

Our current goal is to run Study Groups to get more people involved. Later goal is to add talks, host social hours, code workshops, and a hackathons.

Slack channels

We also have a Slack channel. Please follow the link to join it.

Use channels:

  • #elm-study-group for Elm Study Group
  • #haskell-study-group for Haskell Study Group

Telegram Groupchats


You can find us on Twitter via @KyivHaskell

Haskell Study Group

You are welcome to join our Haskell Study Group

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