Get download links from and you don't need to be afraid of getting your account banned
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It is for extracting high speed download links from

Important Notes

The old baidudl extension is not maintained by me. And it has been found to be modified to be a malicious extension which will use your facebook token to do something unknown. If you are not sure about which version you are using, please reinstall the extension.

How to create a Baidu account without a Chinese phone number

Follow this tutorial


Method1: Find this extension on chrome web store

Method2: Manually install this extension to get latest version:


run command line git clone


Open Chrome and navigate to chrome://extensions


Enable Developer mode by ticking the checkbox in the upper-right corner


Click on the "Load unpacked extension..." button


Select the directory containing baidudl

How to use baidudl so that your download speed won't be limited

a screenshot

Method1: Directly download(not recommended)

Step 1:

Navigate your browser to download page

Step 2:

Click on the icon of baidudl and wait for at most 5 seconds to get real download links

Step 3:

Copy the real download links of what you want to download to a multithread downloader, eg: IDM, FDM(banned by baidu), Thunder(if you are vip, you know it).

Method2: RPC download(recommended)

Step 1:

Enable RPC Mode in options

Step 2-3:

Same to Diretly download Step 1-2

Step 4:

Open up baidudl_rpc, or run cmd aria2c --enable-rpc -j 1

Step 5:

Click RPCdownload button

Contact me

If you found any bugs or you have any idea about this extension, please contact me via email or create an issue.