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Doom RPG is an RPG Modification for the GZDoom Source Port
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I'm just a fan of DoomRPG and want to keep it functioning. I'm not experienced, and very much learning as I go, so feel free to offer any comments. I'm also looking at the TODO list and seeing which I can accomplish. Starting with the small tasks of course!

Former notes from Kyle873: Due to circumstances involving development hell in terms of both (G)ZDoom as a source port and the community as well as other factors, I (Kyle873) and Kate (Pink Silver) will no longer be actively developing Doom RPG. It was a good run and I had an absolute blast working on it, but It's time for both of us to move on to doing other things and working on other projects.

If you wish to expand the mod or change something, you may fork the repository and do as you wish.

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