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If you are downloading the master zip file, do the following

  1. Extract the DoomRPG-Master folder to your GZDoom folder
  2. Rename the DoomRPG-Master folder to DoomRPG


Generally when running the mod, it's a good idea to setup a batch or shell file with all the options and extensions you want loaded. Here are a few examples of command lines for loading various configurations. Also as a general note, if you want to use the Brightmaps, load them after the base DoomRPG package so they don't get overridden by other patches/mods in the load order.

Vanilla Doom RPG

gzdoom.exe -file DoomRPG\DoomRPG

Doom RPG with Extras

gzdoom.exe -file DoomRPG\DoomRPG DoomRPG\DoomRPG-Extras

Doom RPG with Brightmaps and Extras

gzdoom.exe -file DoomRPG\DoomRPG DoomRPG\DoomRPG-Brightmaps DoomRPG\DoomRPG-Extras

Doom RPG with DoomRL Arsenal and DoomRL Monster Pack

C:\games\Doom\gzdoom.exe -file "DoomRL Arsenal.wad" "DoomRL HUD.wad" "DoomRL Monsters.wad" DoomRPG\DoomRPG DoomRPG\DoomRPG-RLArsenal DoomRPG\DoomRPG-RLMonsters

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