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Awesome Drupal-groups aware Chatroom built on Node.js
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brunch Don't shorten first name if user only has one name.
images added icon for chat logo in atrium
sass Fixed things so app works within OpenAtrium.
stylesheets Fixed things so app works within OpenAtrium.
.gitignore package.json file completely working now. Added README file.
config.rb Setup humaneDates jquery plugin to provide pretty dates.
default.config.js Move all Drupal settings into variables setable on an admin page. Exported chatroom context and box.
eduglu_chatroom.css added icon for chat logo in atrium Loading older chats now works. Exported imagecache preset.
eduglu_chatroom.install Added *.install file to add the MySQL table for storing chats.
eduglu_chatroom.module added icon for chat logo in atrium
package.json We're not using elasticsearch anymore. The DRUPAL_UID cookie isn't universal apparantely, Open Atrium doesn'…

A simple but very functional chatroom built as a Drupal 6.x feature for sites using Spaces such as OpenAtrium.

Installation instructions

Install module as normal.

Install Redis -

Install node 0.4.x -

Install NPM -

Install coffee-script - npm install -g coffee-script

Install the other needed node modules - npm install -d

Copy default.config.js to config.js and replace it with the correct information.

Start node.js server by running coffee

Enable feature in a group.


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