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Coffee React Quickstart

Quickstart for creating React.js web applications.

It has a number of nice goodies baked in including:

  • Live reloading for both CSS and Javascript! This really speeds up development. Live reloading is powered by the Webpack module bundler and react-hot-loader projects.
  • Write your JSX in Coffeescript thanks to coffee-react-transform.
  • Amazing URL-driven-development (UDD) with the react-router project.
  • Uses Gulp for building CSS and Javascript. Run gulp watch for rebuilding css/js on the fly while developing and gulp build to create minified versions for deploying to production.
  • Includes sensible element stylings and several useful Sass plugins:

Install dependencies

Clone this repo and then after entering the new directory run npm install and bundle install. This will install the respective NPM and Ruby Gem dependencies.

You'll also need to have gulp installed globally to run the coffeescript gulpfile: npm install -g gulp


Run in the root of your directory: npm run watch

This will watch the src directories and build on changes and placed the built css and js files in the public directory. It'll serve everything in the /public directory at localhost:8080

Then try editing src/scripts/hello_world.cjsx and see your changes magically show up in your browser with no page reload!

Production build

To build for production, simply run gulp build


Try out the example app included with this quickstart:


Quickstart for building React single page apps using Coffeescript, Gulp, Webpack, and React-Router







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