My simple brunch skeleton for Coffeescript, Backbone, Sass/Compass projects
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My simple Brunch skeleton for creating single page apps using Coffeescript, Backbone.js, Sass/Compass.

I use Eco for templating.

Includes some nice typography defaults and Susy, a responsive grid system.

Getting Started

Make sure you have installed.

Create a new project by running: brunch new <your-project-name> -s git://

Or simply checkout the repository to your computer and rename to your desired project name.

How to compile CSS

Please note that I'm not using Brunch to compile the .scss files but instead using the Compass Ruby Gem. To compile the css files, enter the app/styles directory and run compass compile

You can also run compass watch to recompile your css when a file is saved much like the brunch watch command. The included teamocil.yml file can be used to quickly setup a tmux environment for with both brunch and compass setup to compile your code.