Calculating Krippendorff's Alpha in R, with bootstrapping, citations, and notes.
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Krippendorffs Alpha.R

Krippendorffs Alpha R

Calculating Krippendorff's Alpha in R, with example and some exploration. Future versions will add more examples, more reliability coefficients, and a .pdf explaining how these calculations are done (and what they tell us).

Data Structure:

Document 1 Document 2 ... Document n
Coder 1 1 0 ... 0
Coder 2 1 1 ... 0
... ... ... ... ...
Coder n 1 0 ... 0

Licensing and Citation

The content of this project itself is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license. Please check licensing information for underlying scholarly work and R source coding. Be sure to cite package and coding content creators when applicable.

Issues? Feel free to email me at: