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Arionum Scripts

A series of useful scripts for managing an Arionum testnet and/or mainnet node. For more information, visit official site at For some technical guides, visit

SCRIPT: Arionum Node Setup

aronode: This script will install and configure Nginx, PHP-FPM, and MariaDB(Mysql). It will clone the Arionum node software from and configure the system.

Arionum Node Requirements

  1. Ubuntu 16.04/18.04 LTS 64-bit (LTS only NOT x.10)
  2. Fresh clean vanilla server.
  3. Nginx, PHP-FPM, and MariaDB will be installed and configured.
  4. Not responsible if you hose your existing setup
  5. Minimum Hardware Recomendation: 2+ CPU 2GB+ RAM (for node); 4GB+ RAM (for masternode)

Arionum Node Installation Example

$ sudo su -;
$ apt-get update && apt-get install git -y;
$ cd ~; mkdir scripts; cd scripts;
$ git clone .;
$ chmod +x aronode;
$ bash aronode mainnet install;

IMPORTANT: Once your node is installed, you need to initialize it by visiting http://YOUR.PUBLIC.IP.ADDRESS in your web browser. If you are using a custom domain name then visit http://YOUDOMAINNAME.COM this will start the sync process and then "status" function will work.

Fast Sync

A new install will slowly start syncing from block 1. To speed this up, we will import a daily snapshot from pxgamer at The rebuild command will stop your node and DELETE your database data and import a snapshot.
$ aronode mainnet rebuild

If you run this command in the future and want the latest snapshot just add the word 'latest' to end of it. The script will use the file if it exists already instead of downloading a new one. 'latest' pulls in a new one.

$ aronode mainnet rebuild latest

You can also use 'backup' (to export your own dump) and 'import' (optionally with a filename if you want to import a different dump that you have).

Update Aronode script to Latest Version

Automatically (will update both aronode and Arionum node software ...
$ aronode mainnet update

Manually ...
$ cd ~/scripts
$ git pull origin master
If merge errors because you changed file/permissions then...
$ cd ~/scripts
$ git fetch --all
$ git reset --hard origin/master

Arionum Node Usage

$ bash aronode mainnet install
$ aronode mainnet upgrade
$ aronode mainnet update
$ aronode mainnet status

Additional Options

$ aronode help

$ aronode <testnet|mainnet> <install|upgrade|reset|restart|status|...>
install -- install Arionum node and services from scratch
upgrade -- upgrade existing Arionum node setup
update -- upgrade Arionum node & aronode code; ie. git pull
remove -- purge nginx, php-fpm, mysql AND arionum content
backup -- will dump essential tables to a gzipped sql file"
import -- will import a gzipped sql file; 3rd argument (optional): <filename>
change -- change hostname ip/domain that peers see you as
diff -- view changes/code updates of Aronode's main repository
firewall -- configure UFW firewall. 3rd argument: <install|on|off|remove>
mysql -- Arguments: <get|set|restart> <setting_name> <value>
peers -- clear peers table. Arguments: <reset>
pop -- fix stuck syncing; 3rd argument: <integer> of blocks to delete
rebuild -- empty db; download remote .sql dump; import chain data; 3rd arg (optional): <latest>
require -- install aronode script prerequisites/requirements
reset -- set Aronode environment config to testnet or mainnet; then rebuild blockchain
restart -- restart all Arionum related services
stop -- stop public facing Arionum related services; php/nginx
status -- check status of services
sync -- runs sanity.php manually so you can monitor the sync; CTRL+C to kill"

Masternode Setup

This script does NOT currently do anything with masternode configs. It does install and setup a node which you need to run a masternode. Once you have a node setup using this script, you will need to follow the steps to configure it to be a masternode: I have a tutorial on this process here:

Block 80000+ (how to do FULL resync from block 0)

Follow this section ONLY if you had a node BEFORE block 80,000 or if you just want to do a full re-sync.

Make sure you have latest aronode script TODAY ... Go to directory where your aronode script is located and update it.
$ aronode mainnet update;

Update arionum node code and rebuild node chain from daily snapshot...
$ aronode mainnet upgrade;
$ aronode mainnet rebuild latest;
$ aronode mainnet status;
You can manually sync the rest with...
$ aronode mainnet sync;

Uninstall Start Over / Remove

If you borked setup and you need to start from scratch, you can do the following to purge and reinstall. Note this will PURGE/DELETE/DESTROY all mysql, nginx, and php files AND data.
$ cd ~/scripts;
$ bash aronode mainnet remove;
$ bash aronode mainnet install;


If status fails or returns timeout, try the following seperately...

Run 'status' a few times for initial blocks to kick in. Wait a few minutes then run status again. Run 'restart' function to restart all services. Wait a few minutes then run status again. Run 'sync' to run sanity manually and monitor progress.

If node still does not sync, you might have a bad block ... Run 'rebuild' to sync to the local snapshot (if any). 'rebuild latest' if its been awhile and you want a fresh copy. Run 'peers reset' to clear peers table. sync and/or sanity will replenish peers list on next run.

To speed up initial sync use the "rebuild" function. This will download a snapshot from pxgamer, import it and restart. If sync gets stuck try "pop 1" or "pop 10". This will clear the stuck block and it should start syncing again. Try not to use "rebuild latest" unless your local snapshot is months old.

... Make sure oyu have latest aronode AND latest arionum node software ...
aronode mainnet update;

... if stuck try pop ...
aronode mainnet pop 10;
aronode mainnet peers reset;
aronode mainnet sync;
... if still stuck go waaaay back ...
aronode mainnet pop 3000;
aronode mainnet peers reset;
aronode mainnet sync;
... if you got a bad block you cant get past ...
aronode mainnet rebuild;
aronode mainnet peers reset;
aronode mainnet sync;

If server is constantly crashing, it's probably not the node software, you need to optimize nginx/php/mysql.

Optimize and Stabilize Your Node

Default php/nginx/mysql settings are too low. To stabilize your node, I recommend the nginx/php/mysql settings here


Bash script has "set -e" commented out which means it will NOT HALT on any errors. NOT responsible if you hose your server SO use a clean server that you can re-provision with ease.

If you think you found a bug, feel free to submit it here

Donate to the Project:


Funds will support the following:

Technical (but for dummies) guides and articles on all things ARO and Arionum at Marketing of said articles and guides. Continued work on “aronode” on github. Additional scripts and code for monitoring nodes. Additional scripts for managing nodes and developing apps on the platform. Contributions to the core code at


Arionum node bash scripts for managing your Arionum nodes on Ubuntu.




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