Flexible Monthly calendar view used for an iOS application.
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iMonthly is aimed at being a simple to use calendar month view for the iPhone SDK. This project will strive to meet the following goals.

  1. Similarity in look, feel, and functionailty with the default Apple Calendar app on the iPhone.
  2. Give the ability to load the calendar with Data through delegate callbacks, allowing the user to place a view in the calendar or provide indication that more data exists for the selected date.
  3. Provide an API for developers to configure and interact with the calnedar programatically.
  4. Provide a delegate for developers to respond to user events.

Personal Goals

Along with trying to provide for the above goals, this will be my first venture into core-graphics drawing and core animation. I would like to try and learn a new portion of the iPhone SDK and figured an Open Source Calendar would be a good start since I have made one before.

  • Learning Core-Graphics & Core-Animation

I should also point out that I do have a stake in the project as well. I plan on using it in one of my upcomming apps. This project will also be used to train myself on organization and project management.