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My NYU Schoolwork
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CS 1134
CS 3224 Add extra credit Dec 19, 2018
ECE 4414
EE 2204

Everything in this repository is work that I have done at NYU in pursuit of a B.S. in Computer Engineering.

Classwork located in this repository from NYU Tandon:

  • CS 1134 - Data Structures and Algorithms (Python 2.x and 3.x)
  • EE 2204 - Digital Logic And State Machine Design (Xilinx Tools)
  • CS 3224 - Operating Systems (Old C, bad stdlib; good Dockerfiles)
  • ECE 4414 - Intro To Embedded Systems (C, Wires, etc)


  • CS 2124 - Object Oriented Programming (C++)
    • Removed per request of the professor
  • CS 3943 - Intro To Offensive Security (Graduate Level Course, uses C, Python(2/3), HTML/PHP/SQL, x86-64 Assembly, and Linux Shell Script)
    • REMOVED BECAUSE APPARENTLY YA'LL ARE CHEATERS (if you're looking to hire me and apparently need exactly these files for that email me)

I am also part of NYU's Cyber Security Lab, the OSIRIS Lab, but that code is in and on your hard drive.

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