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Hakyll SASS compiler over hsass
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Hakyll SASS

A library for Hakyll providing a compiler for SASS using hsass. This package can be found on Hackage under hakyll-sass.

To install, run the following command:

cabal install hakyll-sass

Build Status

Master: Build Status Develop: Build Status

Usage Instructions

To use in a Hakyll project, do something similar to the following:

SASS file - css/default.sass:

    border: solid 1px #000000

HTML file - templates/default.html:

<link rel="stylesheet" href="/css/default.css" />
<div class="example">Example</div>

Haskell file - site.hs:

import Hakyll.Web.Sass (sassCompiler)

main = hakyll $ do
    match "css/*.sass" $ do
        route $ setExtension "css"
        let compressCssItem = fmap compressCss
        compile (compressCssItem <$> sassCompiler)
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