Various config files that I use on Mac OS X and Ubuntu Linux
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My obligatory dotfiles repository to track and share my personal config files.

I tend to keep my customizations lightweight.

This also serves as a tool for getting new Mac OS X and Linux systems setup in a hurry.


curl -fsSL "" | bash -  &&  . ~/.profile

(you do read these scripts, right?)


  • .profile
    • uses gimme to simplify installation (to wrap apt-get, brew, etc)
    • uses liquidprompt for awesome shell prompts
    • colors for less,
  • .vimrc
    • uses Vim-Plug to automatically install and load plugins
    • tweaks colors and tabs
    • syntax checking
    • JavaScript support
    • inline colors for CSS
    • gutter for VCS/SCM changes (e.g., git)
  • Atom editor scripts
    • an install script for the plugins that I use