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This repository has been archived by the owner on Dec 11, 2021. It is now read-only.

Releases: KyleSmith0905/Among-Chess

Among Chess v1.1.1

28 Jul 18:07
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  • Removed UnityExplorer from release

Among Chess v1.1.0

10 Jul 02:12
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Added Features

  • Added a new variant for chess called "real-time." Both players could simultaneously move pieces at the same time. The main time option is used to measure the max time of the match, if the time reaches zero, the game ends in a draw. The increment time option is used now to measure the delay in selecting pieces; when a player places a piece, they must wait the increment time.
  • Added a new board type for "transcendental chess." All major pieces are randomized similar to Chess960; however, the placement of the piece are randomized differently for both teams. (In chess960, pieces are random but both teams have the same placement).
  • Updated to the newest version of Among Us, v2021.6.30. The game should work on all versions besides mobile.
  • Added "It's Your Turn" non-distracting pop-ups for whenever it's your turn.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed all known chess-related bugs. After implementing strict unit tests, there are no more bugs remaining that were detected.
  • Removed hotkey to open the map that the maintainer knew about before last release.
  • Fixed issues with importing options that were not valid options.
  • Chess960 no longer uses random piece arrangement for both teams; but rather, reflects the random piece arrangement from the other team.
  • Fixed promotion glitch where black couldn't promote.

Code Changes

  • Added unit tests for most chess-related functions that didn't rely on running Among Us. This was a necessity for the mod as so much small code typos resulted in a huge need for better testing. From no on, tests will be ran before the release of all Among Chess versions.
  • Renamed files for a more professional naming scheme. Shorter names also make it easier to refer other files. Patches is also renamed to "Source" to fit the first letter capital naming scheme and not too short like "src."
  • Moved Source/ChessPieces to Source/Chess/Pieces. If other game modes are added, like checkers, they will have everything contained in their own folder, much more will be done before though.

Among Chess v1.0.3

02 Jul 20:20
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Added Features

  • Added back the scrollbar in game options menu (initially removed because it wasn't necessary).
  • Game ends by "resignation" ending when someone leaves.
  • Removed map button (it was never used).

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug if player players where to take their turn before others spawn in.
  • Dead pieces zone updates for both players.
  • Fixed rare checkmate glitch.

Code Changes

  • Better file management (much easier to read now, also new variants and game modes are much easier to add now).
  • Using enumeration (was using char before, this greatly helped code readability).
  • Code stores more information locally to lower RPC usage.

Among Chess v1.0.2

26 Jun 16:41
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Bug Fixes

  • Fixed non-hosts can't end game. This is due to Among Us not accepting end game RPC requests from non-hosts.
  • End game screen shows correct team.
  • Every 10 turns send RPC to resynchronize all player's timer.
  • Fixed a checkmate bug.

Among Chess v1.0.1

25 Jun 22:38
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Now playable, but still contains small bugs

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed overwrite of random team generator (example: white team will now be randomly selected).
  • Fixed RPC recursion caused by RPC calls calling themselves.
  • Fixed checkmate, checkmate function sometimes outputs a different value.

Other Changes

  • Changed "Moves" to "Total Moves" in task panel.

Among Chess 1.0.0

24 Jun 23:35
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Doesn't work entirely, will be fixed in the next patch, 1.0.1

First ever Among Chess release!
Follow the instructions in to download the mod.