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A minecraft mod to add more dyeable options
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Thanks to:

For the code and tutorial on adding properties to your mod:

For how to deal with damage values for blocks:

And to all the folks behind ModLoader and MCP, without which I'd have had a much more difficult time getting this working!


Block IDs used:
251-254 (you can change these via the config)

Dyeable blocks:
Cloth, Cobblestone, Stone, and Wooden Planks
* For Cloth(Wool), please note you can still create the "default" dyed wools if you wish.

Installation instructions:

Install Modloader.  Make sure you remove the META-INF folder.
Place the .class files included in the zip file into your minecraft jar.
Place the terrain.png file included into your jar as well.
Place the mod_todyefor.props folder in your base .minecraft folder

NOTE: If you wish to make this mod work with another texture pack, you will need to modify the texture pack's terrain.png file.  You need to add three new textures to the following slots:
226: Stone
227: Cobblestone
228: Planks

This mod *should* work with higher resolution textures so long as you have an appropriate mod like optifine installed to allow for the HD textures in the first place.  You'll still need to update the terrain.png file, however.
Please note that I have not personally tested this yet.

For more information, please visit:

Last but not least, it should go without saying:  I am not responsible for any damage done to your minecraft installs, including the game itself or any save files.  Back your stuff up, always!
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