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Tag Story is an interactive, mobile game, which is designed to let you and your friends experience the physical world in a new and exciting way. By using your mobile phone to read tags which are placed in the wood, city, or some other place, you will be taken through a narrative with text, images, questions and puzzles. Tag Story can be an incentive to go out and experience the wilderness, a tool to learn more about the surroundings you venture into, or a simple addition to a family outing. The Tag Story concept lends from the world of the older, text based games, where you are presented with a piece of a narrative and a set of options to choose from. What you choose (can) dictate the path ahead, shaping the story as you go, letting you arrive at unexpected places. With Tag Story we take this one step further, letting you arrive at an unexpected place in the very physical sense.

We have started working on a side project for writing stories for TagStory.

Visit the Story Creator repo


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Tag Story is run under the GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE Version 3, 29 June 2007.


Tag Story an interactive outdoor adventure




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