Money printers utilizing a Metro UI style design & a custom, animated model.
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Metro Print


Welcome to my first ever public addon release. I made this with the intentions of selling on GModStore however, I am releasing it here publically to hopefully reduce the amount of pathetic money printers on DarkRP Servers.


• Custom Animated Model

• SOS Button (If you're being raided, or whatever, press this and it will explode within 3 seconds)

• Supports your own logo on the side, with a png file to edit!

• Highly Customizable

• Easy to add your own printers

• Metro UI Inspired Design

• Silencer add-on

• Cooler add-on

• Solar Power add-on


To place your own logo on the sides of these printers, please follow the following instructions :

  1. Open sides.png in Photoshop (found in materials/models/misfitworks/sides.png
  2. Content-Aware the original design (Yes, it works flawlessly every time)
  3. Place your own logos
  4. Save as sides.png or whatever you want
  5. Open it in vtfedit and save it as a vtf named sides.vtf, overwriting the original
  6. Profit

The Model

All credits to Misfit for creating the model and giving me permission to use it here! It features a small indentation on the top to allow the 3d2d to look placed. It is animated, meaning you can see the money moving inside, through the window

Thanks again, and enjoy!