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Added a vim shortcut to unserialize PHP data.

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L-P committed Jul 17, 2012
1 parent c55a156 commit ba013c20427c77162ac27ce2d0cc9f91fb369b66
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@@ -57,6 +57,10 @@ noremap Q  " Disable Ex mode, <Nop> won't work so I used ^V^V
nnoremap <Leader>Q :%s/=\(\x\x\<BAR>\n\)/\=submatch(1)=='\n'?'':nr2char('0x'.submatch(1))/ge<CR>
vnoremap <Leader>Q :s/=\(\x\x\<BAR>\n\)/\=submatch(1)=='\n'?'':nr2char('0x'.submatch(1))/ge<CR>
+" Print serialized PHP data as JSON.
+noremap <Leader>s ggdG:r !php -r 'echo json_encode(unserialize(file_get_contents("%")));'<CR>ggdd
+ \:set equalprg=json_reformat ft=json syntax=javascript<CR>=G
" Use arrow keys to navigate in wrapped text
nnoremap <Up> gk

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