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Factorio Maps

image This Factorio mod turns your factory into a timeline! You can view the map locally or upload it to a web server.

Mod portal link:

How to Install

Note that this program now only runs on 64 bit python version 3.6 or higher.

  1. Download FactorioMaps to %appdata%\mods\, either from the mod portal (The mod does not need to be enabled to work) and then unzipping it, or from the github releases page.
  2. Install the latest version of 64 bit python 3. (Do not install python 2.)
    Make sure to do a select the "add python to PATH" and "install pip" options.
  3. Inside the factoriomaps folder, install the required pip packages: python -m pip install -r packages.txt.

How to Use

  1. Make sure you close factorio before starting the process.

  2. Navigate to the FactorioMaps folder (%appdata%\Factorio\mods\FactorioMaps_x.x.x). Unzip it if you haven't done that already.

  3. Open a command line by typing cmd in the address bar and pressing enter. opening cmd

  4. Run python Some syntax examples:

    • python Generate a snapshot of the latest modified map (autosaves are excluded) and store it to a folder with the same name. If the folder already exists, the snapshot will be appended to the timeline.
    • python savename Generate a snapshot of savename and store it to folder savename.
    • python outfolder savename Generate a snapshot of savename and store it to folder outfolder.
    • python outfolder savename1 savename2 savename3 Generate timeline snapshots of savename1, savename2, savename3 in that order, and store it to folder outfolder.
    • python outfolder savename* Generate timeline snapshots of all savefiles that match the glob pattern savename* in natural order, and store it to folder outfolder.
    • python --factorio=PATH Same as python, but will use factorio.exe from PATH instead of attempting to find it in common locations.
    • python --verbose Displays factoriomaps related logs.
    • python --verbosegame Displays all game logs.
    • python --basepath=PATH Same as python, but will output to PATH instead of script-output\FactorioMaps. Not recommended to use.
  5. An index.html will be created in %appdata%\Factorio\script-output\FactorioMaps\mapName. Enjoy!


Heres a list of flags that can accept: Options with a * do not have an effect when appending to existing timelapses.

                  flag                   Description
--dayonly* Do not take nighttime screenshots (For now, this setting needs to be the same across one timeline).
--nightonly* Do not take daytime screenshots.
--hd* Take screenshots of resolution 64 x 64 pixels per in-game tile instead of 32 x 32 to match the resolution of the newer HD textures.
--no-altmode Hides entity info (alt mode)
--no-tags Hides map tags
--default-timestamp=-1 Snapshot that will be loaded by the webpage by default. Negative values indicate newest snapshots, so -1 indicates the newest map while 0 indicates the oldest map.
--build-range=5.2* The maximum range from buildings around which pictures are saved (in chunks, 32 by 32 in-game tiles).
--connect-range=1.2* The maximum range from connection buildings (rails, electric poles) around which pictures are saved.
--tag-range=5.2* The maximum range from mapview tags around which pictures are saved.
--surface=nauvis Used to capture other surfaces. If left empty, the surface the player is standing on will be used. To capture multiple surfaces, use the argument multiple times: --surface=nauvis --surface="Factory floor 1". To find out the names of surfaces, use the command /c for _,s in pairs(game.surfaces) do game.print( end.
--factorio=PATH Use factorio.exe from PATH instead of attempting to find it in common locations.
--modpath=PATH Use PATH as the mod folder.
--basepath=RELPATH Output to script-output\RELPATH instead of script-output\FactorioMaps. (Factorio cannot output outside of script-output)
--date=dd/mm/yy Date attached to the snapshot, default is today.
--verbose Displays factoriomaps script logs.
--verbosegame Displays all game logs.
--no-update Skips the update check.
--maxthreads=N Sets the number of threads used for all steps. By default this is equal to the amount of logical processor cores available.
--cropthreads=N Sets the number of threads used for the crop step.
--refthreads=N Sets the number of threads used for the crossreferencing step.
--zoomthreads=N Sets the number of threads used for the zoom step.
--screenshotthreads=N Set the number of screenshotting threads factorio uses.
--delete Deletes the output folder specified before running the script.
--dry Skips starting factorio, making screenshots and doing the main steps, only execute setting up and finishing of script.
--force-lib-update Forces an update of the web dependencies.

Image quality settings can be changed in the top of

Result folder estimates

You can expect the resulting folders to take up approx. (very rough estimate) 15 times the savefile size per timestamp per daytime for day images and 10 times for night images. The intermediate total disk usage will be much higher, 10 times the final result or more. If this is a problem for you, go put a +1 on #46.
Of course the processing time depends very heavely on your system specs, but a rough estimate is an hour per timestamp per daytime per 50 MB of savefile.

Hosting this on a server

If you wish to host your map for other people to a server, you need to take into account the following considerations: (You can change these once in index.html.template and they will be used for all future snapshots.)

  1. Of the files that this program generates, the files required to be hosted are:
    • index.html
    • index.css
    • index.js
    • mapInfo.js
    • All images in Images\.
    • All files in lib\. All other files, including txt and other non-image files in Images\, are not used by the client. Some of them are temporary files, some of them are used as savestate to create additional snapshots on the timeline.

Known mods that make use of the API to improve compability

* Factorissimo ⩾2.3.5: Able to render the inside of factory buildings recursively.
* Your mod? If you want to have a chat, you can always find me on discord: L0laapk3#2010

Known limitations

  • If you only have the steam version of factorio, steam will ask you to confirm the arguments everytime the script tries to start up. The popup window will sometimes not focus properly. Please press alt tab a couple of times until it shows up. The only way to get around this is to install the standalone version of factorio.
  • If the program crashes while making a snapshot, it is very likely to leave timelines behind in a 'bricked' state and will probably mess up future snapshots. The easiest way is to simply start over and regenerate all the snapshots from old savefiles. If thats not a possibility, feel free to contact me on discord (L0laapk3#2010) or create an Issue, I'll do my best to help you out.
  • Running this on headless servers is not possible due to factorio limitations.


If you have problems or questions setting things up, feel free to reach out to me on discord at L0laapk3#2010. If you believe you have found a bug, inconsistency, something unclear or anything else, please try generating a map to a new empty output folder (If you need help recovering bricked timelapses, please reach out to me). If the problem persists, please submit an issue to the Issue tracker.

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