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Nice config for front-end web development
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Vim config for web development


  • Only one file, you don't need to run any installation script.
  • Integration with Git.
  • Integration with grep/ack.
  • Automatic syntax and codestyle checks.
  • Smart autocomplete.
  • Tweeks for easier navigation.
  • Snippets.
  • Fully documented.
  • Optimized for web development.
  • Quick Tab navigation, recent files list, fuzzy search, and other (see the full list of features).


In Vim there is the leader key, which is by default \ , but you can change it in any time.

Action Hotkey
▶ File operations
Recent Files List leader m
FuzzyFinder fo files leader ;
Ack/Grep leader /
Show current file in NERDtree in a split leader f
▶ JShint/CSSlint navigation
Show error window leader ll
Go to the next line with error/warning ]
Go to the previous line with error/warning [
▶ Advanced Javascript features (if Tern is available)
Find all refs for the variable under cursor leader tr
Smart rename a variable and all references to it leader tn
▶ Code completion
Start autocompletion tab
Undo autocompletion ctrl+e
Expand snippet Enter
▶ Integration with Git
Git blame on the current line or all selected line leader b
Git status leader gst
Git add/checkout file leader gw
Git diff leader gd
Git commit leader gc
Git commit all leader gca
Git commit -a --amend leader gcf
▶ Other
Toggle comment on the current line gcc
Toggle comments gc in visual mode, or gc + motion
Change surrounding symbols (like [ or ") cs (what)(to what)
Toggle folding space
Toggle insert mode leader p
Yanking history with Quick navigation leader h
Replace leader s
Move between splits leader w
ESC j+k (simultaneously)
Quick tab navigation leader '

Color scheme

I use color scheme “Solarized”, the light version is enabled by default. If you want the dark one, you have to change the following lines:

" Setting up light color scheme
set background=light

" set highlighting for colorcolumn
highlight ColorColumn ctermbg=lightGrey

to those:

" Setting up light color scheme
set background=dark

" set highlighting for colorcolumn
highlight ColorColumn ctermbg=darkGrey

Full features list

Easy installation

You just need to place .vimrc in your home directory, and that's all. All plugins and dependencies will install automatically upon first vim launch.


Folding is disabled by default, but you may fold any part of JS code according to the syntax with just Space key.

Remember your last editing sessions

When you open file, which you used editted last, vim will open it on the exact same line.

Vertical ruler

There is a vertical line indicating 80 character limit, it can be seen on the screenshot above.

Smart search

Vim’s built-in search ignores case by default, but if you use mixed lower/upper-case in the search pattern, it'll be case-sensitive.

Quick plugin install — Neobundle

It's a bundler, which helps to install other bundles. It's quite smart and works better then vundle.

Color Scheme — Solarized

A popular light/dark color scheme.


Snippets — Neosnippet & vim-snippets

Neosnippet is a snippet engine itself, and Vim-snippets — it’s default snippets collection.

This config features snippets, which can be autocompleted by tab аnd expanded by Enter. Here is a full list of snippets.

Smart panels — Unite

Provides features like:

  • Recent files list (with help of neomru).
  • Quick tab navigation.
  • Async fuzzySearch (with help of vimproc).
  • Grep/Ack integration.
  • Yank/History.

On-the-go Syntax checker — Syntastic

This plugin integrates many spellchekers and syntax checkers and shows you errors when saving or opening a file.

By default this config use npm-packets jshint and css-lint to check js and css files on the fly.

Advanced file-system navigation — NERDTree

Imroved file-system navigation. Looks pretty much like the standard one but with some cool features like tree navigation, bookmarks, and some more.

Improved status line — Airline

Nice and good loking status bar for vim, nicely integrated with syntastic and fugitive.

Good keyword completion system — Neocomplcache

Provides smart autocompletion.

Integration with git — Fugitive

Provides full integration wit git.

Advanced javascript features — Tern for Vim

Provides advanced javascript features like Smart variable rename, Find variable references, and Go to variable. If you use .ternconf — it'll improve autocompletion in your js files as well.

Improved editing

  • DelimitMate — provides automatic closing of quotes, parenthesis, brackets, etc., also has some other related features that will make your time in insert mode a little bit easier.
  • tcomment — tcomment provides easy-to-use, file-type sensible comments for Vim. It can handle embedded syntax.
  • surround is all about “surroundings”: parentheses, brackets, quotes, XML tags, and more. The plugin provides keystrokes to easily delete, change and add such surroundings in pairs.
  • MatchTag — highlights the matching HTML tag when the cursor is positioned on a tag. It works in much the same way as the MatchParen plugin.


To install just clone the repo, and place symlink to .vimrc in your home directory. E.g.:

 git clone && ln -s ~/vim-config/.vimrc ~/

NPM is required for some features.

Pro Tips

If you want to make some changes, just fork the repo. If these changes will be helpfull to others, don't forget to share it through a pull request :).

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